Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Organic

Tonight it’s all about the organic.

It’s all about the connections.

The billion strands that only I can see. They are my strands.

They come from me.

I am about to close the door to the hallway.

Only 50 people will know what that last line means.

Is the goal of the human mind to remove itself from the organic and create the alien?

We must create the alien. We are the aliens.

We must fill the holes.

With ideas.

How do you describe the indescribable? Does any word that implies empirical action become a paradox when a negation precedes it?

Is there a chasm dividing that which humanity is, and that which humanity makes?

Can we fill that chasm?

Why do I think that what I am writing here will have any bearing on anything? Ever?

Why do humans always want more? What could have programmed us to want more than what we have? To reach? What will it accomplish? Is that not futility? To tell a being that it has purpose when it in fact doesn’t? Funny joke?

Is that the essence of absurdity?

Why do I think that any question could be answered? Concrete. Reality.

Would it be absurd to send this poem to people I don’t know? Would it frighten them? Confuse them?

It just occurred to me. I have never actually made anything real. I have thought, but not created.

I use all these alien products that are not human.

And I have never been involved in the creation of any one of these “things”

I made a candle once. It was ugly.

Food is not a thing. It is a consumable. I have played with it. But I have not made it.

Structure for structure.

Is efficiency immoral? What is moral?

Is morality a fluid? Liquid morality – apply it wherever you need it. It will drip. Take a


Mmmmm – liquid morality. It sure tastes good. Take a drink and it makes you feel better about the crime you just committed. It’s like a band aid for your soul.

I am not an alien. But what I do IS alien.

When did that happen? What year? 1945?

Is that the trickery of God? Is God writing a story for all the ants?

Up and down. Is that how it goes? Beginning and ending? Up and down…

Is that where the billion strands have ended up?

Funnelled through God’s story?

What is it about me that makes my actions alien but my essence organic?

****Why was I born/raised thinking that I was right? What if someone were raised to think that everything they thought was wrong?

How would they function? How could they affirm anything as having value?

IS that necessary in order for me to survive? To make a decision?

It’s funny. I have a skeleton. Mine doesn’t work properly.

I am sick. I will be sick for the rest of my life.

There is no beginning or ending to this. It is like time.

I believe that some force has granted me a beginning and an end.

As a being, I have the right to govern myself.

If there is no force, then I have no beginning or ending?

It all starts with nothing.

Or something?

Are these things that can be known?

I want to see the future.

Am I a tragic being?

Am I a story?

Why am I a story?

Communication is taking the billion strands of nothingness/nonsense and funnelling them through structure tubes to make them stronger.

Why do I marvel at the common? And then marvel at the grand?

Why do I ascribe structure to something that can not have structure? Life has no structure. It has process. Are there structures in process? Reality is concrete. Why do I think that I will discover something about life that has not yet been discovered?


Who should I show this to? Should I show it to myself tomorrow? Will I exist tomorrow?

Will I awake as a different person than I am now? WHO THE FUCK AM I?

Do I have fears? Death? I suppose…

But why?


If I could overcome my fear of death I would be free.

I do not believe that I will ever die. I will not die. I have been told that I will die. But I don’t believe that I will. Prove to me that I will die. If you succeed, it will not be proven. Is that a paradox?

Should I stop worrying about death and start thinking about life? So simple but so clever.

Incredulity to meta-narratives? Everything is bullshit?

Is that where we are now? We can’t get over the hill so we gave up?

Or are we regrouping in the organic goo at the bottom of the hill?

Are we re-sharpening the swords for one last majestic push through the barrier?

The threshold?

Why was I unaware of the threshold until now?

Some people seemed to know about it. What will happen when we push through it? Will we emerge as the aliens? Will we become the gods that torment the ants? Will the ants fight back? Or are they too smart to fight?

Why can’t I see? I guess my mind does not see the truth. I can guess. But I can’t see around the pillars.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I hate those goddamn hippies that keep whining about the NSA wire taps. I mean - SERIOUSLY - do you think the terrorists will catch themselves? I hate to say it, but the time has come to know exactly what is going on in every household in the world and know what every person is thinking. I have read 1984, so don't give me any of that warning crap. As far as I'm concerned, Orwell was guiding us, not warning us. All these hippies will be silenced when terrorists blow up a nuclear weapon in New York and they end up getting radiation sickness from the fall out.

There's apparently a study going on right now that will initiate a program using bio-scanners installed in waste-management centers to analyze the stool of individual citizens. If the study goes well, the US government will have DNA samples (albeit anonymous) from anyone who flushes a toilet (with their poo in it). It is a brilliant idea. Just think - if someone has been messing around with radioactive materials, the government will be able to pinpoint the neighborhood and swoop down upon the terrorists much more effectively.

The only way that program will fail is when illegal aliens (mexicans)contaminate our feces supply so that we can't catch terrorists. I think that the US government has absolutely no excuse not to build walls around our nation and defend them with our great arsenal. We've already had one major terrorist attack that was orchestrated in Canada by Muslim extremists and carried out through Canada. When will the terrorists strike from Mexico? At least we can take over Canada and the people would not fight back - they love us for the most part (excepting some bad apples). But in Mexico there is nothing that we need and the people are lovers of terrorism. They would likely give us a hard time.

The other thing is, as most people know - the US is responsible for the majority of the scientific breakthroughs in the world. All the other countries combined are not pulling their weight. Evidnece of higher IQs? I think so. That's the problem with Canada - the people have peabrains. It MIGHT explain why terrorism is mostly coming from Canada. I say - if those idiots can't ensure the safety of America, we'll have to take security into our own hands. We're gonna need their water and oil anyway. Let's do it now before they use it all up.

Friday, February 17, 2006


In my search for the most offensive website on the internet, I came across this bizarre, perverted website. It's strange - I never thought anyone would make a site like this. A combination of hatred towards Jesus and scatological suggestions. Yuck.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

White Power?

Is that not the greatest eye-catching title? I think so.

I would like to talk about racism. I was reading about the neo-nazi gangs in Russia and how they are devoting themselves to driving away minorities. There have been groups in the US that have had the same goals over time. What's the big deal?

I personally hate those assholes in the KKK and other supposedly "institutionalized" groups that want to preserve America as a white country. The KKK and its subsidiary groups are nothing more than old boys club thug groups who want to feel important.

The neo-nazi groups are different. Often they consist of angry youths who want to belong to a group that has a direct goal. That's the magical thing, in their minds, about neo-nazism and related movements. They have extensive historical precedent as well as well-established argumentation for their ideas. "Hey kid, don't have a job? Daddy beats you? You dropped out of school? Who should we blame for these problems? Immigrants. Blacks. Liberals.

I equate those notions with heroine addiction. Think about it. When you are a junky you have one goal - find more smack. Junk comes before family, friends, work, life. You simplify your life and turn it into a black and white spectrum in which you are either happy and satisfied or not.

The same goes with the white power movements. Simplify everything - channel your hatred into a single energy (not unlike the force) and devote your life to the pursuit of that one cause. Rational thought need not enter this discussion.

I will NOT defend the neo-nazi organizations in this country or elsewhere. I will not, however, condemn them, per se, without pointing out that there is a reason that they are involved in such groups. Alienation from regular society.

The movements are somewhat akin to, to use a recent example, the riots in France. Different races, same problems.

Next time you call someone a Nazi, think twice. Maybe it's not their fault. Maybe look in the mirror and ask why we have all failed these youths.

Note: If Congress would let the Bush administration do their jobs, we would not have the same kind of racial problems in America that we do. All for one and one for all.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Do you know what I hate about the left wing in America? They are global apologists for people like me. They think that they have to cringe in agony whenever people like me speek our minds and apologize to the world. Bullshit.

I recently went to see *shudder* Brokeback Mountain. I was forced by a woman I'm seeing to go see that artsy flaming crap. It's a shame that she made me go see it because I walked out of that garbage posing as a movie half way through it and now she's mad at me. She's mad at me?! What gives? I told her I was uncomfortable with that kind of stuff right from the get go.

Why do I have to be comfortable with homosexuality on film? THERE WERE TWO GUYS KISSING FOR CHRISTSAKE!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so she'll apologize to the world somehow and make me look like a chimp. I don't think I'm less sophisticated because I don't want to see man-humping on my night out with a woman I met. Perhaps the characters in the story could have resisted their basser instincts. Would that not be an exercise in sophistication?

Am I an asshole? No, I don't think liking things a certain way is a crime. That's what America is all about. Freedom to choose.

But seriously - UGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Here's to Walmart (I just drank a beer). Who in the world does not want to make sweet love to Walmart? Every town in this wonderful country has been transformed by the phenomenon. Cheap, good stuff. Who can complain?

All these whiners go on about labor practices and all that. GIVE ME A F***ING BREAK! Walmart does not violate common sense labor practices. They simply follow the proper rules. If you don't want to work there - DON'T. It's that easy. But then we have all these illegal immigrants who want to get free money and steal our jobs. Jesus.

There is a reason Walmart is successful. Simply - they provide consumers with everything they want or need at a good price. Why would you want to get rid of that? Is that what happens in this country? Companies get too successful? How can you be too successful? Bizarre.

I say: If you don't want unbridled capitalism, move to Russia. Or some such place.

Small businesses are going the way of the dodo. Big mega-marts like walmart are reorganizing, making more efficient, and enabling consumer practices. Excellent. Why would I want to go to 12 small stores and have to smell farmer Bob's pits when I could go to one great store? Screw Farmer Bob. He should get a job at Walmart.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


10. The whole "aboot" thing
9. Gay Marriage
8. Most of the 9/11 terrorists came in through Canada - some were citizens
7. Mispronounciation of the letter "Z"
6. They even have a party called "The Liberal Party" which has been in power for 85% of the last century - tell you something?
5. Everyone is high all the time
4. Refusal to help their greatest friend, the US, in our struggle for freedom and democracy
3. Newfoundland
2. Canada is a supporter of the Communist regime in Cuba
1. "eh"