Wednesday, January 25, 2006


America was a "blank slate" with a future so bright that it burned the eyes of all those who gazed upon it. Our founding fathers were no fools; they envisioned a nation so great that it would ultimately dominate the globe. And today America stands as the greatest power in the history of man: evidence of our Fathers' genius. No nation has ever been as just, as beautiful, as free as America is and all the citizens of the United States should be proud to be here on this this nation.

It is time that the rest of the world began to respect America's authority in the world and recognize our capabilities. As the freest nation on earth, I think it would be wise for most other nations to want to emmulate the purity and freedom of our structures. The reality, however, is that America is the moral authorty on earth and will impose Her will directly or indirectly whenever She feels like it. It would be wise of other nations to understand that the American way of life is something that will be sought after at all costs and will proctected under no uncertain terms. Any state that wishes to violate the ability of the U.S to pursue Her God-given right to dominate the globe will soon discover the power of the Giant in the West and will succumb to its will.

As it stands now, the rest of the world is forcing America to treat it as our never-ending source of energy. It will continue until all nations begin to participate in the process of Americanization that will inevitably occur. If we all cooperate together there will be a less painful transistion without bloodshed. Resistance to global Americanization will not be tolerated. American foreign policy is bent upon the freeing of all slaves throughout the world whether they be economic slaves, socialist slaves, theocratic slaves, or other... Join us freely or be crushed under the might of freedom. By participating in the American project, all nations will benefit from a more efficient system ruled by the purity of capitalism and democracy. Remember to wipe your feet after you're in the door.

Americanization means: bringing as much freedom and democracy to the entire world as possible under the terms of the United States. It will happen. America will save the world.


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