Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Land of the Free and the home of the Brave.

America has a few things to think about in the next couple of years. I am the first to proclaim - George W. Bush is doing a great job. (Liberals: keep it in your pants). Besides militarily organizing our nation after the hideous disaster on 9/11, he has made great strides in encouraging the people of our great country to take personal responsibility for their actions and for themselves. He has continued the legacy of our beloved and deceased President Reagan by promoting the "ownership society" which is an extension of Reagan's economic libertarianism philosophy that will promote the greatest generation of wealth. America is better of with an administration that does not pander to the lower classes with hand outs. A strong America is one made up of individuals who are responsible for themselves; those who are willing to commit themselves to hard work and personal growth. Bush has encouraged and demanded that such a philosophy be ingrained in the people of this great country. It will be his legacy in years to come.

The war with the Soviet Union was won by one of the greatest political strategists of all time: President Reagan. I'm sure that all Americans watched with pride as the Berlin Wall was torn apart by people who desired freedom and democracy. What America must think about is how the dangers of socialism are once again emerging. A good example is in Bolivia. Evo Morales won the presidency of Bolivia as a socialist, Anti-American candidate who wishes to organize a strong front against capitalist forces. What should be done about it? Should America sit back and watch the resurfacing of an ideological abhoration?

The War on Terror is one thing. It is a good front for America's global aspirations and allows us to secure the safety that we so desire (and I dare say DESERVE). Meanwhile, forces have begun their attempt to undermine an intrinsically good American government. I have said it before and I'll say it again: Democracy CAN NOT exist without Capitalism! Economic freedom is synonymous with democratic freedom. Therefore, it is intolerable to have a state that does not respect American values in the same hemisphere as America. Plain and simple.

Government policy should begin to reflect the importance of developing strategies that would act as a precursor to the next movement in Americanization - anti-socialist military activities. The unfortunate thing is, socialism does not exist in the form that it used to in which it could be identified with a tyrannical power block in the East. It now exists as a so-called grassroots movement that rises out of the working classes' desire for social change. It is difficult for the US to act when there is a less identifiable enemy. Perhaps this is an activity that would be best performed in a clandastine manner. It may not be a task for the Bush administration. We shall see.


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