Saturday, January 28, 2006


In July Tom Tancredo (a Colorado Congressman) told a radio show that a viable response to a terrorist nuclear attack in the US would be to "nuke" Mecca. I guess I disagree, for the most part. I did laugh at the notion, however. Would that not be a true test of the resolve of terrorists? Are the symbols of their religions more valuable than the goals of their fundamentalist craziness? I would imagine so. I know that if someone told me not to do something or my hometown church would be burned down, I would likely think twice. Maybe that's not what they're concerned with.

This is where the US imigration policies come into question. We allowed a whole bunch of ethnics into the country. Now it is impossible to fight terror without stepping on the toes of some of those ethnics because we can't racially profile and such. I don't support the violations of rights, but how are the authorities supposed to fight the terrorists if they can't investigate people that just happen to be part of an ethnic group? I'd like to know what alternatives we have. Frankly - I agree that rights are sacred, but what rights will we have if we're all vaporized in a nuclear holocaust? I think that in this case the ends justify the means.

I hear all these people saying "oh, but you're breeding a whole new generation of terrorists with the War on terror." So be it! I don't think that the US should have to sacrifice its national goals to accomodate criminals and thugs. That's like saying crime comes out of poverty. That may be, but the crimes are still being committed by people who haven't taken responsibility for their actions. Just because you're poor doesn't mean you can break the law. Same goes with terrorism. America does not have to answer to the criminals.

I love my country. As most people know, the terrorists are jealous of our wealth and hope to destroy it. I suggest that we do everything to prevent the terrorists from achieving their goal regardless of what happens.


Blogger eV said...

Start with the White House first...I think you'll find all the terror starts there.

7:42 PM  
Blogger Arthur said...

I debated about whether to publish this comment. I really did.

The thing is, the US has made some foreign policy mistakes. Mistakes such as not cracking down on the illegitimate regimes that promote terror. Generally we think of terror as an act that is designed to terrify people into change (or pressuring change). US activities were designed to spread democracy and capitalism throughout the world.

I hate to argue that might makes right...but it does. The might of the US is nothing less than benevolent, however. Of all the powerful countries, kingdoms etc in the history of the world, name ONE that has acted with the same benevolence that the US has. To suggest that any act committed by the US is terrorism is a despicable oversimplification and should not even have been responded to.

3:31 AM  

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