Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I hate those goddamn hippies that keep whining about the NSA wire taps. I mean - SERIOUSLY - do you think the terrorists will catch themselves? I hate to say it, but the time has come to know exactly what is going on in every household in the world and know what every person is thinking. I have read 1984, so don't give me any of that warning crap. As far as I'm concerned, Orwell was guiding us, not warning us. All these hippies will be silenced when terrorists blow up a nuclear weapon in New York and they end up getting radiation sickness from the fall out.

There's apparently a study going on right now that will initiate a program using bio-scanners installed in waste-management centers to analyze the stool of individual citizens. If the study goes well, the US government will have DNA samples (albeit anonymous) from anyone who flushes a toilet (with their poo in it). It is a brilliant idea. Just think - if someone has been messing around with radioactive materials, the government will be able to pinpoint the neighborhood and swoop down upon the terrorists much more effectively.

The only way that program will fail is when illegal aliens (mexicans)contaminate our feces supply so that we can't catch terrorists. I think that the US government has absolutely no excuse not to build walls around our nation and defend them with our great arsenal. We've already had one major terrorist attack that was orchestrated in Canada by Muslim extremists and carried out through Canada. When will the terrorists strike from Mexico? At least we can take over Canada and the people would not fight back - they love us for the most part (excepting some bad apples). But in Mexico there is nothing that we need and the people are lovers of terrorism. They would likely give us a hard time.

The other thing is, as most people know - the US is responsible for the majority of the scientific breakthroughs in the world. All the other countries combined are not pulling their weight. Evidnece of higher IQs? I think so. That's the problem with Canada - the people have peabrains. It MIGHT explain why terrorism is mostly coming from Canada. I say - if those idiots can't ensure the safety of America, we'll have to take security into our own hands. We're gonna need their water and oil anyway. Let's do it now before they use it all up.


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