Thursday, February 02, 2006

I Hate Democrats and their filthy undercarriages.

I have recently been reading essays by Ayn Rand. She is noted for her unique philosophy of Objectivism in which she argues that human beings are in contact with a reality (that is independent of the mind) through sensory perception. She establishes that the moral purpose of one's life is the pursuit of rational self-interest and that the only social system that accomodates such moral purpose is, of course, capitalism.

She looked at the twentieth century and saw a cesspool of socialism, mysticism, and irrationality which she blamed, rightly, on Immanual Kant and subsequently Marxist doctrine. She scorned the intellectuals who indoctrinated the youth with their leftist bleeding hearts poisoning the minds of the public with the notion that their morality needed to be purchased from beggars and thieves.

This is why I dance with glee when I think of all that has been done since the fall of the Soviet Union and the carefully designed disintegration of the so-called social safety net in the United States and elsewhere. Marxism is dead. Thank God.

Where do we go? Pure capitalism. Forget that the twentieth century ever happened (in terms of its impact on the future) and let us move forward into an era of pure Laissez-faire capitalism wherein we can begin to provide the world with a system that is unhindered by the mud of socialism. The idea of the collective purpose should only be thought of as an inevitable result - ie. the ends must justify the means. Rand spoke of the creation and distribution of wealth as a by-product of capitalism and that we should never consider the weak or poor when designing society. If it so happens that the underpriviledged are pulled from their crevasses by the processes of an economically free system, so be it. We should not, however, be forced to undermine the overall perfection of the capitalist system to protect a class of people who, if they lived in less civilized conditions, would be eaten by wolves (or some such predators).

The liberal cats in Washington wish to have it all. A gentle, nice society that denies human nature and denies the strength of reason instilled in our psyche. There is no truth, they say. There is no exact way to do things to benefit as many people as possible. Instead of black and white they demand a grotesque grey - a gooey, dolldrum of nonsense that allows them to make excuses for their failures. In my head I visualize Jimmy Carter licking the undercarriage of Bill Clinton's crotch as they prance willy-nilly through the streets of gold scattering flowers from baskets. And they embrace, as Democrats do, kissing one another with the tenderness that they so wish.

That is not the way I want my country to run. We could be like Canada - amoral. Our international reputation tarnished by our desire for love and happiness (which is interpretted by all as weakness). I do not pity the weak. They may scream at me and demand a bite of my hotdog as I walk through the downtown core - but I won't share. I enjoy my hotdogs and I will not be made to feel guilty simply because I was born with an IQ that exceeds 10. Get up out of the gutter and get a job! Or lick a democrat's undercarriage. It seems to be the style these days.


Blogger Storm Trooper said...

Dear sir,

You are the biggest fucking loser in the history of the fucking universe and I hope that you catch your nut sack on a barbed wire fence when you're running from a mob of homeless people. GO TO HELL YOU PIECE OF SHIT ASSFUCK!

By the way - your analysis of Ayn Rand's work was idiotic. She is one of the worst "philosophers" to ever exist. Ever try thinking past black or white with your 10+ IQ? FUCK YOU.

I hope people don't read your shit and take it seriously. I heard about your talk show shit and I can't believe that idiots like you get published or make money off your rants. IDIot.

1:36 AM  
Blogger Arthur said...

We're all welcome to our opinions. If you care to expand on your insulting comment I'll go into more detail. Apparently you are incapable of decency which indicates to me that you're likely a Democrat. He he. Please keep your comments clean in the future.

That goes for everyone. I will no longer publish comments like the one above.

1:40 AM  
Blogger Anthony said...

Hello Arthur, great blog. Nice to see another true American. If I dissagree with what someone writes about, don't worry, I won't get immature like the stormtrooper above. Come check my blog out, perhaps you share some of my thoughts. From one veteran to another.

8:34 PM  
Blogger Maethelwine said...

Well, for starters, if you're going to offer your own endorsement of Rand's evaluation of Kant ("...irrationality which she blamed, rightly, on Emmanual Kant and subsequently Marxist doctrine") you might toy with the idea of getting his name right. You're so far off here that it can't be a typo, and suggests that, just possibly, you've no idea what you're talking about. Which indicates to me that you're likely a Republican blowhard.

4:44 PM  
Blogger Arthur said...

Hmmm - one letter off. Yes, I suppose that is evidence that I have no idea what I'm talking about. I guess making a one-letter mistake is evidence of my inferior intelligence. Your intelligence must be off the charts since you recognized my enormous mistake. Wow. I'm in the presence of Einstein's reincarnated self.

What are you? An asshole? Instead of leaving a comments about what I wrote, you merely pointed out a tiny little mistake. You sure put me in my place. Congrats!

If you want to discuss the content, feel free, otherwise go away...

7:31 PM  

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