Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Do you know what I hate about the left wing in America? They are global apologists for people like me. They think that they have to cringe in agony whenever people like me speek our minds and apologize to the world. Bullshit.

I recently went to see *shudder* Brokeback Mountain. I was forced by a woman I'm seeing to go see that artsy flaming crap. It's a shame that she made me go see it because I walked out of that garbage posing as a movie half way through it and now she's mad at me. She's mad at me?! What gives? I told her I was uncomfortable with that kind of stuff right from the get go.

Why do I have to be comfortable with homosexuality on film? THERE WERE TWO GUYS KISSING FOR CHRISTSAKE!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so she'll apologize to the world somehow and make me look like a chimp. I don't think I'm less sophisticated because I don't want to see man-humping on my night out with a woman I met. Perhaps the characters in the story could have resisted their basser instincts. Would that not be an exercise in sophistication?

Am I an asshole? No, I don't think liking things a certain way is a crime. That's what America is all about. Freedom to choose.

But seriously - UGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!


Blogger Raine Devries said...

I am definitely closer to the right than the left - honestly, I DO live in an area that has both the President George Bush Tollway & the Ronald Reagan Highway.

Yet in spite of this tilt towards the right there are certain things I differ on -- I'm pro-choice, I am rather fond of our environment and in the immortal words of Kinky Friedman, I too think gays should be able to marry because they have just as much right to be miserable as the rest of us.

I'm a straight female who loves a great cock shot on the screen. One of my fav shows was Queer As Folk -- fantastic locker room scenes.

So that being said, I'm a bit mystified as to why you even allowed yourself to be taken to Brokeback to begin with.

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